Rogue changes coming to the PTS

Ailion posted the following changes that will be on the PTS soon for Rogues.

I easily welcome the Assassin (especially!) and Nightblade changes. Bladedancer will be nice even though I personally do not touch it almost ever. Sad to see the decreased damage though in Tactician but we will have to see how it plays out and how much it ends up being in the end.


  • Necrotic Torrent, Infernal Torrent, Glacial Torrent: Damage has been reduced.
  • Curative Torrent, Curative Beam: Healing has been increased.
  • Restorative Bolt: Healing has been increased. Can now be cast on yourself.




  • Blade Hustle: Increases the duration of Rhythmic abilities by 3-9s, up from 2-6s.
  • Hack and Slash: Successful Critical Hits now increases all damage by 3-15%.