Bow Travel Time to Disappear in the Future

Today the user Violacea posted the following in reply to Haipaa on the Rift Forums:

This, please tell me there is, haven’t seen one so far so I don’t think there is one 🙂

Josh, Please for the love of god, add a Gun Relic to Maelforge, a Bow is terrible in so many ways, playing as Saboteur is one thing.

One day they will kill the disparity between guns/bows and make them equal mechanically, and probably even equal for bonus purposes. It is just too hairy and awkward a thing to maintain and people hate it. One day…

Which was then responded to shortly after by Josh York, Systems Designer (Itemization) Developer at Rift with the following:

This is on our to-fix list.

This is great news! I have long been annoyed by the travel time on bows and have just started using one again after replacing the guns I have had since around February with the Tarnished Bow of Carved Bones/Avarice Relic from Infernal Dawn.

Rogue Energy Fixed for Storm Legion “2.0”

Tonight Daglar; part of the Rift Team, posted in the Rift Rogue Forums that last time he played under the 2.0 ruleset that his rogue had no energy issues.

This is great news! However, I would much more appreciate it in 1.10 instead of having to wait until Storm Legion (2.0) comes out which will probably be November or December.

Aillion is super busy making rogues even more fun and amazing in the expac.

Also, last time I played under the 2.0 ruleset, my rogue didn’t have any energy issues.


And just to be certain he was not playing some non energy starved spec, he was playing an Assassin spec. While we do not know what exact spec he was playing this can easily be assumed specs like Ranger and our new builds we will be using in Storm Legion will not have issues!

Nope, was playing an assassin.

I did play a bard later – there are some super fun changes there.


New Mage Soul – LIVE reveal on!

Casters and conjurers, prepare: The new Storm Legion Mage Soul will be revealed LIVE on this Friday, August 10th at 2:30PM PST / 4:30PM CST / 5:30PM EST. Make sure you go to the correct Twitch account, it seems they will be streaming on MMORPG’s channel and not their own Trion Worlds channel.

Hopefully the following week will be the new Rogue soul, but I will not get my hopes up for it to be revealed so fast.