My Conquest Review 1

This will be my first Conquest Review of either two or three more because of the amount of updates Conquest is receiving everyday so far because of the current problems and performance issues it is causing Rift overall.

Right now people are either constantly spawn camping 1 faction or being spawn camped by another faction while also receiving an insane amount of Prestige and Favor as each person races to hit Rank 50, obtain the weapons and gear as well as work towards getting the best in slot trinket and glove runes.

Overall I like the idea of Conquest and what it should have brought to the game and PVP but not what it is now.

I really do not get how Trion nor any of those who played it on the PTS and provided feedback did not think that allowing another faction to enter one factions base without any actual base protection or penalty would not result in spawn camping. Nearly every game has implementations on spawn camping either by providing that team with another spawn, there being an invisible wall and so forth many different things. Trion even does not allow you to enter the opposing teams spawn in Warfronts, so how did they forget to do the same for Conquest?

Please be rest assured that I am not “QQing” from what I just said, I participated in the spawn camping as nearly everyone else did to. If you did not, you either do not care to PVP, do not care about the gear/trinket/runes or just flat out lying. It was never an exploit or cheating, Trion had the last few days to disable Conquest and still has yet to nor did they rush in any fixes to stop the on-going issues towards this specific issue but still managed to fix other ones.

While I did participate in the spawn camping, I was already Rank 45 before anyone was doing this and learned of this. I hit Rank 45 just around the time they disabled the port to Zareph’s Return which I also was not aware of till after and then people started to spawn camp a lot. I was already on my way to becoming Shard First Rank 50 on Faeblight just as I earned Shard First Rank 8 for Rogue back on Faemist August of last year. It means absolutely nothing though to acquire this, seeing how theatrically people do not have to do much at all to gain prestige in Warfronts (and now Conquest) but it is still something I wanted to obtain first.

Update: My second Conquest Review is now up.

RIFT 1.9 Released

RIFT 1.9 has been released! You can find entire release notes in this post or over at the RIFT forums.


  • RIFT 1.9, packed with new features to go check out!
  • For massive 3-way cross-shard PvP, take a look at CONQUEST!
  • New MENTORING system allows you to play lower-level content with your friends or solo.
  • A brand new set of INSTANT ADVENTURE comes to Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood, and Stonefield.
  • Give your character a whole new look with the BARBERSHOP!
  • PRIMEVAL FEAST is a new 10-player Sliver featuring Fae Lord Twyl and his plans for Lord Greenscale.
  • The Prestige rank cap has increased to 50, and along with it comes all new PvP Armor sets!
  • Summer comes to Telara and the Ascended are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors with SUMMERFEST!

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Friendly Reminder: World Event Merchant changes for Patch 1.9

This is just a friendly reminder that come 1.9; which comes out June 27th, the following World Event Currencies will be obsolete. So make sure to spend these currencies before the update comes out if you still have any left.

  • Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shell
  • Rune King’s Seal

Also starting the next update after 1.9, Dragon Tears and Magma Opals will be obsolete.

Unique Snowflakes, Glass Beads, and Carnival Prize Tickets will always remain useful, and will have their description changed to let you know they are an annual currency.

Source: World Event Merchant changes for 1.9

RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #14 – 6/20/12


  • Flamebound Devils no longer cast Concussive Blast.
  • Flamebound Ifrits no longer cast Burning Flesh.
  • Increased the time between Flamebound minion spawns.
  • Reduced the health of Flamebound minions.
  • Increased the melee damage buff provided by Blade of the Inferno, and increased its duration.
  • Blade of the Inferno now increases damage against Flamebound minions as well as against Maelforge.
  • Disabled Concussive Splash in the final Maelforge encounter. This was active in testing but disabled before the Maelforge fight went live – so returning it to that inactive state.
  • Fixed Devastating Sacrifice not applying the right amount of damage increase.

Source: RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #14 – 8:00am PDT 6/20/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 21/6/12 [EU]

RIFT 1.9 Live Stream June 20th

On Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 Trion will be live streaming the upcoming 1.9 Patch to show off Conquest and other 1.9 changes such as Barbershop (it has finally arrived!) and the new Sliver: Primeval Feast.

This episode we’ll be covering:
Conquest PvP – If you haven’t seen this yet you should really check it out

  • Engage in the constant struggle for control through capturing multiple objectives and powerups
  • Join one of three factions and fight for the destiny of all
  • Craft your way to victory by empowering your allies with the products of new Conquest specific recipes

Other patch 1.9 items – Did you know that there are a lot of great things coming up?Take a trip to the barbershop for a new haircut, a facelift, or some leg extensions

  • Keep pace with your low-level friends with the new mentoring system
  • Enjoy the excitement of instant adventures in Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood, and Stonefield. You can even mentor down to check it out
  • Challenge Fae Lord Twyl in the newest Sliver: Primeval Feast
  • Go global! You’ll be able to chat with anyone in RIFT regardless of shard
  • Summerfest is coming so be prepared to enjoy cook-outs, scavenger hunts, and more while fending off the Swarm Lord and his biting insects

You will be able to watch the live stream on Twitch.TV
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Rift 1.9 Rogue fixes as of In-Progress Set #3

Here are the upcoming 1.9 Rogue fixes as of In-Progress Set #3 and previous sets.

I am sure we will see a few more fixes to Rogues when 1.9 and not just what has been mentioned below and the bug where you are immune to Wild Growth while strafing that has yet to be added.

I do wonder if Rogues will see an Energy update in 1.9 too? We could only hope.

* Fixed a tooltip bug for Keen Strike and Quick Strike.

* Baneful Touch: Fixed a tooltip bug where tooltip indicated that this increased poison damage, when it shouldn’t.

* Virtuoso: Fixed a tooltip bug where the tooltip did not indicate that the effect only works on Codas and not all Finishers.

* Predatory Soulstone: The Attack Power buff from Predatory Soulstone should now be triggered when Shadow Fire is cast and not when Shadow Fire deals damage to the target.
* Diffuse: Fixed a bug where Diffuse was causing damage abilities with buffs (like Shadow Fire and Annihilate) to be redirected to your pet.

* Rift Disturbance: Fixed a tooltip bug where the tooltip indicated the ability would grant a Combo Point when it doesn’t.
* Rift Barrier: Will no longer reflect damage after the absorption from Rift Guard has been consumed.
* Rift Barrier: Now generates threat from non-reflectable attacks received while Rift Guard is active.