41 Tactician / 35 Marksman – AOE Hybrid

This AOE spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ Storm Legion and Raiding.

Link to build: 41 Tactician / 35 Marksman
Alternative build without Empyrean Ray and with increased Energy and Endurance: 41 Tactician / 35 Marksman

This spec is one of our highest AOE specs, it works in both PVE and PVP, more so Conquest or Port Scion.


  • Highest AOE dps.
  • Easy rotation.
  • AOE is ST until 30%.


  • Mob positioning.
  • No purge.
  • 15 second interrupt.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Tactician Crystal
T'Scain's Tactician Crystal

You want either of these crystals for this spec. You will want to make sure you have 2 or 4 piece gear before buying either.

Single Target Builder and Rotation:

Glacial Torrent > Infernal Torrent > Glacial > Infernal > Empyrean Bolt > Torrent Primer
Glacial Torrent > Infernal Torrent > Glacial > Infernal > Empyrean Bolt > Empyrean Ray

Then continue with the Empyrean Ray rotation until Torrent Primer (lasts 30 seconds) is about to run out.

Single Target Builder below 30%:

Infernal Beam > Necrotic Bolt

You will want to make sure you switch your engine to Necrotic Engine.

AOE Builder and Rotation:

Glacial Torrent > Infernal Torrent > Glacial > Infernal > Empyrean Bolt > Torrent Primer
Glacial Torrent > Infernal Torrent > Glacial > Infernal > Empyrean Bolt > Necrotic Ray

Make sure to use Infernal Beam with this rotation, it has a 15 second cooldown and lasts on your target for 15 seconds.

If you did not spec into Necrotic Ray then remove it from your rotation. I have 2 links to 2 different builds, 1 does not have Necrotic Ray. You can just use Empyrean Ray instead.

Multiple Targets below 30%:

Necrotic Torrent x4 > Empyrean Bolt > Torrent Primer
Necrotic Torrent x4 > Empyrean Bolt > Necrotic Ray

The same applies to Necrotic Ray, replace with Empyrean Ray if you are using the spec without it.

My KaruulAlert’s:

Torrent Overload:
[sourcecode]Torrent Overload;1;T;player;1;T;F;T;Torrent Overload;AFC4ED89F85FE8B4A;0;0;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/UIability_iconsriftblade-surging_energy_b.dds;1408;586;60;60;1.25;1;{stacks};CENTER;1;;0;0;0;40;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0[/sourcecode]

Torrent Primer:
[sourcecode]Torrent Primer;1;T;player;1;F;T;T;Torrent Primer;AFA4D733D71B0ED11;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/UIability_iconsstormcaller_lightning_storm_01_a.dds;1342;586;60;60;1.25;0.5;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0
Torrent Primer Active;1;T;player;1;T;T;T;Torrent Primer;AFA4D733D71B0ED11;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/UIability_iconsstormcaller_lightning_storm_01_a.dds;1342;586;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;0;0;0;30;T;T;CENTER;40;T;6;F;0[/sourcecode]

Necrotic Bolt Spam (Target is below 30% health):
[sourcecode]Necrotic Bolt Spam;1;T;player.target;3;F;T;F;Health;1;0;30;T;F;0;0;kAlert;imagesAura-3.dds;1494;556;96;96;0.75;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode]Rending Munitions;1;T;player;1;F;F;T;Rending Munitions;A4AA56A6A93178257;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/UIability_iconspiercing_shot_01.dds;1410;1098;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0
Electrified Munitions;1;T;player;1;F;F;T;Electrified Munitions;A1B1912AE7F4DC107;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/UIability_iconslance1.dds;1481;1097;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0[/sourcecode]


Necrotic Core - Sets up a Core that deals 5044 Death damage over 15 seconds up to 10 nearby enemies.
Power Core - Sets up a Core that increases damage of nearby party or raid members by 10%. Lasts 15 seconds.
Curative Core - Sets up a Core that restores 1562 health over 15 seconds up to 10 nearby party or raid members.

If you did not know, only 1 core can be active at a time; as stated by the tooltip too.

Power Core is your main core to utilize as it increases damage by 10% to all raid members near the core.

Necrotic Core is a dot that deals damage to nearby enemies really close to the core, you will need to position it well if possible.

Do not worry about using Curative Core in a raid setting, I do however use it during Conquest or Port Scion.


Battle Remote - Increases damage and healing done by 20% for 10 seconds.
Barrier Remote - Gains an absorption shield equal to 20% of the Rogue's max health. Lasts 10 seconds.
Curative Remote - Debuffs the target, healing the attacker for 83 health when the target is hit by ability attacks.

While raiding, Battle Remote will be the only ability you should use and be concerned about as far as Remotes go.

You could utilize Barrier Remote in different scenarios or by specific damaging abilities, but you should let your healers worry about that instead, as it will be more useful coming from them. I do use this ability in PVP though.

The same can be said about Curative Remote too, I would not bother even using this or making sure it is on each target you are on or when applying it again when it wears off.


Curative Engine - When hit, the Rogue restores 303 health. Can be triggered at most once per second.
Necrotic Engine - When hit, the Rogue deals 328 Death damage to the attacker. Increases damage of Bolts and Rays by 30%. Reduces damage of Torrents by 30%.

If you did not know, only 1 engine can be active at a time; as stated by the tooltip too.

You will be using Curative Engine majority of the time until 30% where you will switch to Necrotic Engine if you are going to be spamming Necrotic Bolt.


Deaden - interrupt with a 15 second cooldown.


On the Double - Increased movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds with a 21 second cooldown.


Rending Munitions
Electrified Munitions