Rogue Temporary Energy Fix

Today’s patch included the following Rogue energy changes:

* Rogues now regenerate 24 Energy per second, up from 23.
* Elder Tablets and their lower level counterparts no longer grant Energy regeneration.

This is only a temporary fix and the developers have stated they will look into the actual issue at a later date. This will save people on having to buy Energy Tablets, though they are still helpful for the Strength stat that will give you +9.5 attack power. To avoid confusion, using an Elder Tablet equaled 1 to 1 energy regeneration per second increase.

Well why did Trion even bother to remove energy regeneration from Elder Tablet and still increase our regeneration rate to 24? No idea, they obviously do not want us with 25 right now.

This temporary fix came very soon after people on the Rift Forums started using the No Elder Tablets avatar icon.