40 Marksman / 36 Ranger – Hybrid

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0 Storm Legion and Raiding.

Link to build: 40 Marksman / 36 Ranger
Link to build if you are going to be on Interrupt duty: 40 Marksman / 36 Ranger

For the past few weeks I have been constantly testing different hybrid builds, after many many hours of testing I have come to the conclusion that the above spec is the best and top DPS spec you can have for a hybrid. You lose Hasten Call in both of these builds which is not a total loss and a DPS increase as long as things go smooth. You should be able to manage your pet quite well so it does not die (though it could still happen), there are only a few bosses where it might die, has a chance to die or not die often. If you absolutely need Hasten Call, take 1 point out of Master Huntsman to do so.

I personally have never been a fan of Hybrid builds and have always hated using pets, even back in the 51 Ranger days. But this is the top DPS spec you can use at the moment.

The reason why there is an interrupt build above is for the reduced cooldown to Marksman abilities. There are bosses that will likely have the Rogues on interrupt duty; such as Zaviel in Frozen Tempest, and you will need an 10 second cooldown instead of the 15 second cooldown without Rapid Extrication.

You will of course use the Blood Raptor pet especially since we go 2/2 into Master Huntsman which gives the Blood Raptor’s Bloodied Blow a 100% chance to double attack.

You do not have or need Close Quarters Combat so unless you are used to Ranger or Hybrid specs, then I highly recommend you get use to it now instead of dropping a point elsewhere (Single Minded Focus) even if it would only be a minimial DPS loss.

Now as I stated earlier, I have done a lot of testing between different hybrid builds, changing points around many times to see if it would be a DPS increase or loss. If you have any questions or think something else might be better, feel free to hit me up at Mistical@Laethys, though the odds are that I have already tried it. I few things to name off the top of my head that I tested would be Penetrating Shots (3/5, 5/5), 3/3 Blood Rage (useless) and other various small things with builds being with and without Strafe.


  • Highest Ranged DPS spec.
  • Easy rotation.


  • No purge.
  • 15 second interrupt unless you use the interrupt spec listed.
  • Decent and not the highest AOE.
  • Energy starved if you use Hasted Shot without Living Energy or Fervor.
  • No Hasten Call if you or your pet dies.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Marksman Crystal
T'Scain's Marksman Crystal

You want either of these crystals for this spec. You will want to make sure you have 2 or 4 piece gear before buying either. The Ranger crystal is crap for this type of build.


#show Empowered Shot
cast Shadow Fire
cast Empowered Shot
cast Swift Shot

You can either remove petattack or manage a petattack (and other commands) elsewhere. The petattack is great for a lot of target switching, just depends on how you want to manage it in this macro or elsewhere.

Builder with No Macro:

Splinter Shot

Splinter Shot no longer has a cooldown since 1.11 and Storm Legion as well as being instant cast now as to why it is not in the above macro. You will need to maintain this bleed that lasts 10 seconds, I would suggest using KaruulAlert to do that.

It also should end up counting for your 5th most damaging ability, Empowered Shot and Swift Shot account for most of your DPS so remember that. Refreshing Splinter Shot the absolute second it falls off is not crucial or important in my honest opinion though it should still be done.

Finisher for Raids:

#show Hasted Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Hasted Shot

You can use this anywhere else if you have Living Energy or Fervor, otherwise use the below or you will eventually be energy starved. You could work in a rotation to use both of these finishers.

Finisher for Dungeons/etc:

#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Deadeye Shot
cast Hasted Shot

Finisher with No Macro:

Head Shot

This buff increases damage of your pet by 5% for 1 minute if used with 5 combo points. You will need to maintain this every minute and only every minute. You can easily use KaruulAlert to maintain it, which I have included for you in this guide below. The buff that is applied to you is called Bestial Fury.


Builder (Shadow Fire) > Splinter Shot > Builder (Empowered Shot, cast) > Finisher (RFS) >
Quick Reload > Empowered Shot (instant) > Builder x2 > Finisher (RFS) -->
Empowered Shot (instant) > Builder x2 > Head Shot (once a minute, otherwise Finisher) -->
Builder x1 > Splinter Shot > Builder x2 > Finisher -->
Empowered Shot (instant) > Builder x2 > Finisher -->
Rinse and Repeat

You might sometimes get an Empowered Shot cast other than during the opening rotation, either by Empowered Shot having come off cooldown since you last used it, after using a Head Shot, having to stop DPS, dying or anything else.

Splinter Shot should last you through about 2 1/2 rotations and the bleed should just be coming off after using a finisher. You should always use Empowered Shot first after your Marksman finishers, then refresh Splinter Shot after so as long as you are not clipping the bleed and it is off. There are times where I will not always refresh Splinter Shot though, such as if your target is near death or it dies too fast to matter.

My KaruulAlert’s:

Lock N Load (Empowered Shot Instant Buff):
[sourcecode]Lock N Load;1;T;player;1;F;T;T;Lock N Load;AFC8D7AE9186375AD;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\hit_and_run.dds;492;579;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;40;T;11;F;0
Lock N Load Missing;1;T;player;1;F;T;T;Lock N Load;AFC8D7AE9186375AD;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\hit_and_run.dds;490;580;60;60;1.25;0.25;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;40;T;11;F;0[/sourcecode]

Bestial Fury (Buff from using Head Shot):
[sourcecode]Bestial Fury;1;T;player;1;F;T;T;Bestial Fury;A5DEF68DE2AC0408B;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\awareness_01.dds;1410;580;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;40;T;7;F;0[/sourcecode]

Splinter Shot:
[sourcecode]Splinter Shot;1;T;player.target;1;F;T;T;Splinter Shot;AFBE49CA25884FC67;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\killer_instinct.dds;1344;580;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;40;T;4;F;0[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode]Feral Instincts;1;T;player;1;F;F;F;Feral Instincts;A16D7308576BFEECD;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\menacingroar2.dds;1565;1098;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0
Rending Munitions;1;T;player;1;F;F;F;Rending Munitions;A4AA56A6A93178257;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\piercing_shot_01.dds;1410;1098;60;60;1.25;1;;TOPCENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0
Electrified Munitions;1;T;player;1;F;F;F;Electrified Munitions;A1B1912AE7F4DC107;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\lance1.dds;1487;1098;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;F;CENTER;30;T;6;F;0[/sourcecode]


Quick Reload - Resets the cooldown on all Marksman abilities. In this spec you will get to use another Rapid Fire Shot right away again and it also resets Deaden if on cooldown. Remember that this will be a 3 minute cooldown without Rapid Extrication which is fine.


#show Rain of Arrows
cast Lightning Fury
cast Rain of Arrows

You will ONLY use Fan Out if you are moving and need to AOE to avoid mechanics or anything else.


Deaden - interrupt with a 10 second cooldown.


On the Double - Increased movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds with a 21 second cooldown.
Retreat - Leaps your backwards, make sure you are positioned correctly before using.
Escape - Removes all crowd control effects on you.


Feral Instincts
Rending Munitions
Electrified Munitions