51 Saboteur / 10 Marksman / 5 Riftstalker

Link to this build: 51 Saboteur / 10 Marksman / 5 Riftstalker


Caltrop Charge
Spike Charge

You will want to make sure that Caltrop Charges are always on the enemy, it is a 10 second bleed that hits up to 10 enemies. While that is ticking and applied, your next rotation will start with Spike Charges which also bleed but only on your target and for 10 seconds as well.


Fragmentation Bomb
Annihilation Bomb

These finishers are in order of what you should use since Fragmentation Bomb has a 15 second cooldown as well as Annihilation Bomb with 30 seconds.


Rapid Setup
Carpet Bombing
Time Bomb
Chemical Bomb

Rapid Setup and Carpet Bombing are used with your main rotation, so do not use these whenever you just want to and incorrectly. It will take some type to get use to as well and to be quick with them and your rotation in general.

You will definitely want to make sure you are applying Time Bombs on every target and that it is always up.

Incriminate is a nice cooldown to use if ever needed and it generates all your threat to whomever you want, normally the tank, for 6 seconds. This is also quite useful to use if you are running sab in dungeons if the tank is undergeared or having any threat problems of course.


Adhesive Bomb
Entangling Trap

Adhesive Bombs will not always work in all situations since a lot of mobs will be immune to it. An example would be the adds during Laethys, not that you would ever need or want to use this on them in the first place but just an example. This would go better for dungeons if need be.


Planebound Resilience

Yes, this is your own buff you only ever have to apply and it is just an endurance one.