51 Marksman / 15 Ranger

This spec is designed for RIFT 1.11.

The spec: 51 Marksman / 15 Ranger / 0 Riftstalker

You can change the 0 point to anything else if you need a differently ability other than Shadow Shift.

This is a high DPS spec for 1.11 but does not parse higher than 51 Marksman / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade available here at Rift Nerd. However, you can still safely use this spec and still output high DPS. It is just a little behind the 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade build.

I have not bothered to test out a 10 Ranger / 5 Nightblade build yet either and I do not plan to with Storm Legion vastly approaching anyways.

Synergy Crystal:

Zardonis' Marksman Crystal (you will want to have 4 piece ID and/or HK gear pieces with this)


#show Empowered Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Swift Shot

Empowered Shot becomes instant after every finisher used within the allowed time of the Lock N Load buff (15 seconds) it gives you of course. Also Empowered and Swift Shot hit harder when using the 4 piece Marksman Crystal.


#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Deadeye Shot

Make sure to use Bull’s Eye with Deadeye Shot; when Deadeye Shot crits it hits hard.


Builder > Finisher (Rapid Fire Shot) > Decoy –>
Empowered Shot (instant) > Strafe > Bulls Eye > Finisher (Deadeye Shot) –>
Builder > Finisher (Rapid Fire Shot) –>
Quick Reload > Repeat above when cooldowns are up otherwise Builder > Finisher

Yes, you will end up “wasting” 2 combo points during your 2nd part of the rotation and so forth. But this does not matter as Empowered Shot hits hard and you do not want to waste the instant cast buff; Lock N Load, either.

You can use Empowered Shot before or after Strafe, it does not matter as long as you do before it runs out. If it is easier to make sure you have used Lock N Loaded (the instant cast buff) that way then do it or use KaruulAlert.

Lock N Load KaruulAlert Import (Empowered Shot Instant Buff):

Lock N Load;1;T;player;1;F;T;T;Lock N Load;AFC8D7AE9186375AD;0;1;F;F;0;0;Rift;Data/\UI\ability_icons\hit_and_run.dds;492;579;60;60;1.25;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;40;T;11;F;0

Right now Decoy; in my opinion, is a DPS increase, every time he was out he did around 14k total damage. I would make sure to only bring him out when you have 5 Silver Tip Munitions stacks on your enemy. I will still continue to do further testing with Decoy and change this if needed.


Bulls Eye – Your next damaging ability used, should be with a Deadeye Shot, will be forced to critically hit.
Quick Reload – Resets the cooldown on all Marksman abilities, i.e. most importantly Bulls Eye, Decoy, Strafe and Rapid Fire Shot.
Decoy – Summons a Decoy that fights with the Rogue for 15 seconds.

You will use these 3 abilities on cooldown but wisely. Only use Quick Reload when Rapid Fire Shot (and Bulls Eye/Decoy) are not coming off cooldown so you do not waste any cooldowns.

Throw up Decoy after you have done a finisher and have 5 stacks of Silver Tip Munitions. Read what I stated above with the rotation for more information.


Eradicate – Now a 3 second cooldown so use wisely especially if Ituziel or Sicaron purging.


Deaden – interrupt with a 10 second cooldown.


On the Double – Increased movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds with a 21 second cooldown.
Retreat – Leaps your backwards, make sure you are positioned correctly before using.
Shadow Shift – Teleports you 15 meters forward with a 45 second cooldown.


Silver Tip Munitions
Electrified Munitions
Predatory Instincts

If you were at all curious about Rending Munitions, I did test it and it was NOT a DPS increase over Electrified Munitions inside of a raid environment (even after its nerf for 1.11). However, I did see a slightly larger DPS increase out of raid environment in 5-man dungeons and on the dummy.