41 Riftstalker / 17 Bladedancer / 8 Ranger – Max Mitigation

Link to this build: 41 Riftstalker / 17 Bladedancer / 8 Ranger

This tank spec will give you the max mitigation possible right now for Rogue tanks. You will but of course lose some endurance but this will be okay for some fights.

You can easily chain pull in this spec in 5 man dungeons just like the Max HP spec. It also just depends on what you want to play, prefer and how good and geared the healer is with you.

Threat Macro:

#show Phantom Blow
cast Reprisal
cast Phantom Blow
cast Rift Disturbance
cast Planar Strike

You also have Instigate to grab threat off someone or to make sure you have threat right away depending on the pull or how you pull it. This has a 8 second cooldown and 20 meter range.

You can choose to remove Rift Disturbance from the macro or not, entirely up to you and how you play and want to manage.

Shift Threat Macro:

#show Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Assault
cast Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Stalk

If you teleport every 10 seconds you always keep threat and not have to worry about losing it, among using your threat macro. If you have the Riftstalker Crystal with 4 piece ID/HK, you will take 10% less damage after using Shadow Blitz so you may or may not want to remove this from your macro. It is not a big deal if you keep it in.


Defer Death
Side Steps
Planar Refuge
Scatter the Shadows
Physical Wellness

These are the greatest cooldown a rogue tank of course has.

Defer Death can save your raid in a lot of ways, and when properly used. When I mean properly used, there will be times it may not proc at all and now just wasted it in case you need it later. If it does proc, you will drop to 1 HP giving a very short time for your healers to top you off right away. This can be quiet useful for fights like Ituziel and Maklamos The Scryer Normal or Hard Mode.

The same goes with Planar Refuge and sometimes Scatter the Shadows depending on the fight, what you are using it for and if the damage can be ignored with it. Not everything can be such an example as on Maklamos the Scryer, you cannot ignore Crystalline Desolation with this. This of course, if you are using a Rogue Tank to stand out for Crystalline Desolation; though there are other builds to use as a Rogue for this fight instead.

Side Steps is a great buff to have when you need it, it increases your Dodge by 50% for 15 seconds which basically means you are going to take nearly no damage while it is up. This can be great in situations where your tank healer just died, healing debuffs, you are taking extra mobs and will take more damage, you get out of range for heals and so forth other possibilities.

Physical Wellness, an increase of 1500 HP to your raid for 20 seconds, will be more useful for those fights where your raid is not as geared, when heals are going to be needed for a lot of damage about to be taken very soon and what not else. You will not always use this and this will be dependent on the fight, if you are in Hammerknell Fortress you could use this on Inquisitor Garau or in Infernal Dawn on Ituziel just when a lot of AOE damage comes out at 33% to help your healers a little.


Guardian Phase
Planebound Resilience
Combat Pose
Predatory Instincts

Guardian Phase is your main buff that you want to make sure you always have on. If you do not have it on, you are going to die. You will of course put up the other buffs, however in raids you will not be able to put up Combat Pose as it will be overwritten.