51 Bladedancer / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade

This spec is designed for RIFT 1.11.

The spec: 51 Bladedancer / 10 Assassin / 5 Nightblade
(ZAM has not updated Counterbalance yet, make sure you go 2/2)

There are no macros for this spec. While you could make a macro, it will end up being a DPS loss due to how RIFT’s macro system works.

This is a quite decent Single Target and great AOE melee (only) spec to use now. You will do higher AOE damage with a Saboteur build but if your raid needs the Single Target DPS with AOE then this could be the build to try out.

This spec may or may not be fun for you to play, if you find it hard to play, do not find it fun or not parsing high for you then I would recommend trying Nightblade instead.

Synergy Crystal:

Zardonis’ Bladedancer Crystal (you will want to have 4 piece ID and/or HK gear pieces with this)

Opener Rotation:

Flash of Steel > Blade and Soul Party > Keen Strike x3 > Dauntless Strike

You could macro Flash of Steel, Blade Soul Party and Keen Strike as an opener macro since Flash of Steel is a 15 second cooldown and you will be finished with your rotation of Keen Strike x3 by the time you are finished. You would really just need to be careful not to hit it again, or more than once if you plan to use Flash of Steel again, so you do not use Blade of Soul Party unless it is on cooldown anyways.

You also might really want to save Blade Soul Party until Flaring Power is up. Your decision.

Rotation (after opener):

Precision Strike > Keen Strike > Quick Strike > Keen Strike > Dauntless Strike –>
Rinse and Repeat unless using the below rotation.

The reason why you use Precision Strike first, as this is the rotation after having used the opener rotation. With this rotation you will have last used a Keen Strike which is why the rotation after your finisher starts with Precision Strike which required you to have used Keen Strike before (the same goes with Quick Strike rotations in the guide).

Rotation while using the Dualism Rhythmic:

Quick Strike – Keen Strike – Quick Strike – Keen Strike – Dauntless Strike

The reason why you use Quick Strike first applies to the same reason I mentioned above. If you mess up your rotation, just use Keen Strike again and get back on track with the standard rotation.

Standard AOE Rotation:

Twin Strike x5 > Dancing Steel > Compound Attack –>
Twin Strike x5 > Compound Attack

Cooldown AOE Rotation:

Blade and Soul Party (if up) > Double Coup with Twin Strike/Compound Attacks for 15 seconds > Hundred Blades > Blade Tempo with Dancing Steel then Twin Strike/Compound Attacks

Rhythmic Actions Priority Order:

Blade and Soul Party > Dualism > Double Coup > Blade Tempo

Do not use Dualism until you are going to hit Quick Strike next. Dualism allows your Quick Strike (and Precision Strike) to hit twice and add an additional combo point for 15 seconds.

Do not use Double Coup until you are on your next rotation after using a finisher. Double Coup increases damage on all Bladedancer Combo Point generating attacks by 75% for 15 seconds. If you did, you would be wasting crucial seconds and DPS while hitting that finisher or during a rotation already.


Weapon Barrage


Break Free (every class has this ability)
Flash of Steel


Virulent Poison