RareNerd Released

I am happy to announce the first initial release of RareNerd, an addon that will assist you with finding all the rares in Rift. This includes all of the new rares added with Storm Legion and full support for them. This is an updated and modified version of RareDar.

You can download the addon here, or at RiftUI or Curse.


  • Drag and drop the contents of the folder into your Rift/Interface/Addons folder; overwrite all files when upgrading. The default location for this is in your Documents folder.

How to use:

  • Left-Click and Hold to drag the window around to your desired location.
  • Right-Click the RareNerd window to display a drop down of all the Zones. From there, select the zone that you are either in or interested at looking at to either find out the coordinates or if you killed a rare mob shown in green or have not killed shown in red. You can navigate through the selected zone rare mobs by using the left or right arrows.


Use /rarenerd or /rn [option] to type any of the following, for example: /rarenerd show

  • show
  • hide
  • lock
  • unlock
  • about




  • Fixed bug that could prevent addon from loading.

Initial Release:

  • Full Storm Legion Support
  • Fixed Display Notification
  • Fixed Nearby Notification
  • Fixed Additional Bugs and Data File
  • Larger Interface and New Colors
  • New Name
  • New Icon and Arrows

I have the following features planned for upcoming releases:

  • Compass and Meter Support
  • Different Display Notifications
  • Change Display Notifications Location

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