Bladedancer and Ranger changes up on the PTS

Ailion posted the following changes that are up on the PTS right now for Bladedancer and Ranger.

  • Bladedancer: Dauntless Strike: No longer increases the Critical Hit chance of group members. It now applies a debuff to the target, increasing the target’s chance to be critically hit by 5%.
  • Bladedancer: Blade Hustle: An additional effect has been added. You now gain Blade Hustle every 3s, increasing the damage of your next Quick Strike or Precision Strike 3-9%. Stacks up to 10 times.
  • Bladedancer: Disengage: Can now be used anytime. Now on GCD.
  • Bladedancer: Dancing Steel, Hundred Blades: Now on a 30s cooldown, down from 60s.
  • Ranger: New ability added to the Blood Raptor. The Blood Raptor can now charge at the enemy, dealing physical damage.
  • Ranger: Escape Artist: Cooldown has been reduced to 1 min, down from 2 min.
  • Ranger: Fleeting Instinct: Effect can now be applied both in and out of combat.

Ailion also stated

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