RIFT 2.2 Hotfix #11 Rogue Changes – 5/1/13

I was literally just talking about Leaping Plunge again with someone 2 days ago, and how it would be perfect if it had a root with it too rather than just traveling to the location where your target was when you used it and they will likely be gone from afterwards once you reach it.

The Rapid Fire Shot energy reduction should definitely help out with any energy issues a rogue has using 61 Marksman without Living Energy or Fervor. However, with the changes to Deadeye Shot live now, which should be almost 10% damage increased for it, might not matter too much as far as energy issues are concerned. It still remains that something needs to get done on how we can get an Empowered Shot to be instant cast right away after a Deadeye Shot, as is being discussed and hopefully Ailion figures something out if he bothers to at all, rather than wasting a cooldown/combo point of Swift Shot.


  • Assassin: Leaping Plunge: Now roots the enemy target for 2s.


  • Rapid Fire Shot: Now costs 16 Energy, down from 24 Energy.
  • Decoy: Now no longer on global cooldown.
  • Electrified Munitions, Static Shock Munitions: No longer trigger damage and healing effects like Dark Armor, Warlock Armor and Curative Engine; similar to Assassin Poisons and Nightblade Weapon Enchantments.
  • Deadeye Shot: Damage has been increased.

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